Rigid tape?  What’s so great about it?!

Rigid tape use when strapping for injury prevention

The main purpose and most common use for strapping is to reduce movement and support a joint (for example supporting the ankle from moving inwards after you have injured the ligaments following an ankle sprain).

Why do we use rigid tape?

Rigid tape (also known as Zinc Oxide tape) is used by physiotherapists and trainers because of is highly adhesive qualities and its tensile strength (there is no stretch or elasticity in the tape) so if applied correctly rigid tape can support or immobilise any joint.

The tape is easy to apply and you don’t need scissors to cut it so it is an ideal choice for easy hassle free taping – particularly when you are pitch-side.

Another popular use for zinc oxide is preventing blisters and injury during high friction activity so it can be used for strapping hands and / or feet.  I’ve also used it to hold together rugby boots, cover logos on uniforms and hold up skirt hems so the player can make it to the final whistle!

And if you needed any more convincing, there has been a fair bit of research out there that shows an athlete is less likely to re-injure themselves during training with supportive taping – so the cost and the effort is definitely worth it!

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